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Genevieve Chua: Twofold


STPI presents “Twofold” by Genevieve Chua, the artist’s largest solo exhibition to date. It features new print-based works from her residency, which began in November 2019, and paintings from two ongoing series in her practice, Edge Control (2016 – ) and After the Flood (2010 – ).

Central to the exhibition is Chua’s expanded idea of painting as a medium that occupies ‘two-and-a-half dimensions’. In Edge Control, Chua employs a hard-edge monochromatic language that links the unique shape and content of each painting. Her print-based works developed at STPI feature graphic effects which generate optically deceptive imagery, such as the moiré pattern. These works combine several printmaking techniques, including screenprinting on acrylic and relief printing on paper.

“Twofold” is the artist’s exploration of fundamental questions of painting, particularly its perception and constituent materials. It arises not only from ideas of human vision and simulation, but experiences of interpretation which unfold over time.


Text by Melanie Pocock.

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