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Tobias Rehberger Postcards

Postcards, Set of 8
105mm x 148mm

Tobias Rehberger (b. 1966, Esslingen) is considered one of the most important contemporary German artists today. Investigative and experiential, his interactive installations have been included in the Gwangju Biennale, Berlin Biennale, Yokohama Triennale, as well as both the 50th and 53rd Venice Biennales. For the former, Rehberger presented a canopy of lamps, which could be turned on by switches located in seven different places around the world. During the latter, he has won the coveted Golden Lion Award for the best artist in the biennale.

Drawing his subjects from quotidian objects, Rehberger creates situations and environments that disrupt our initial perception of objects and their functions; reconstructing our perspective, outlook, and relationship with the subjects. By working closely with geometry and abstract forms through a widely-ranging medium, Rehberger challenges the fine line between art, architecture, and design. The artist thus developed a distinctive style that reflects an interest in man’s relationship with mass culture.

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