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Collectors' Edition: Heri Dono: Brush on His Face (2017)


Drypoint on paper
Edition of 15, with 5 APs 
30 x 30 cm

Known for his wildly imaginative installations, Indonesian artist Heri Dono has developed a dark-humoured and satirical style through his cultural roots, creating an ethereal realm of mythological creatures and oblique narratives that explore sociopolitical, human behaviour and contemporary issues.

Brush on His Face (2017) is loaded with Heri Dono’s vocabulary of symbols that conceal and reveal social commentary in humourous, sharp ways. Inspired by a range of sources from the traditions of wayang kulit to comic books, this print adopts the ambiguity that exists within these references with two hybrid characters of vague identities. Donned in symbols of violence and authority, neither appear good or absolutely bad, except they both emit fire and are in confrontation. One alludes to a figure in authority (military boots), while the other is part beast, part machine (wheels) like that of a war machine – a perversion of nature. The appearance of hands recall a talisman prediction of the future, while the multi-eyed figure conjures a level of heightened anxiety. Here binaries dissolve as Heri portrays a sliver of an open-ended epic.

The Collector's Edition marks fifteen years of celebrated collaborations between STPI and its artists.

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