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Collectors' Edition: Pae White: Small Fountain (2017)


Split fountain screen print on gray paper
Edition of 15, with 5 APs 
29.5 x 29.5 cm

LA-based Pae White’s practice is marked by works in various media, from sculpture and painting, to large-scale architectural installations, furniture and graphics. Her works are in permanent colletions such as the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York; Tate Modern, London; Los Angeles County Museum of Art, LA; The Art Institute of Chicago; The Hammer Museum, LA, amongst others.

Small Fountain (2017) reflects a continuation of her interest in text-based work and super-graphic interventions. They were initially conceived as the raw material for the exhibition S U M M E R X X (2012) at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia, where the action of fastening and pulling an ephemeral text constructed by threads in the space served to dimensionalise the passing of an art mentor artist.

Following this, White utilised the string alphabet in a number of large-scale installations such as Too much night, Again (2013) and Command-Shift-4 (2015) to create dynamic volume that was both visible, yet physically fleeting and barely present at the same time. The behavior of the flocked alphabets here mirrors that of these earlier string alphabets. The full alphabets here “seem to pulse as though each letter was a musical note with a different tone”, emerging, dissolving and shimmering at different points.

The Collector's Edition marks fifteen years of celebrated collaborations between STPI and its artists.

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