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Collectors' Edition: Suzann Victor: Trails to the Centre of the Edge (2017), Variation 14 / 15


Spit bite aquatint on paper
Variation of 15, with 5 Artist Variations
30 x 30 cm

Victor was Singapore’s first female representative at the 49th Venice Biennale, and her installations have since graced many international platforms. Her collaboration with STPI introduced unusual additions of etchings and expressive paper paintings to her practice.

This series stems from Suzann Victor’s first foray into printmaking with STPI in 2014 where she surprisingly reconnected with her roots as a painter. Termed ‘painting with acid’, these poetic results capture Victor’s movements, expressive strokes, and gestures of mark-making. Without strict orientation, they appear to “defy the ‘control’ of printmaking processes, reflecting instead the more organic painting process where the prints are fresh, spontaneous, and complete with expressive drip and inadvertent splash.”

The Collector's Edition marks fifteen years of celebrated collaborations between STPI and its artists.

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