STPI x The Corner Shop

Manuel Ocampo: HAHAHA UTOPIA (2018)


Sugar-lift aquatint and relief on paper
Edition of 25, 5 APs 
35.5 x 28 cm

Multiple award-winning painter Manuel Ocampo (b. 1965, Philippines) is known for his frequent and strategic stylistic drifts in response to new contexts and subject matter. His shows are often constructed around contradictory tendencies, elaborating discrepancies between what a painting appears to be and how it behaves in relation to the structures that legitimate its appearance. He always embraces sudden shifts of style and emphasis. He paints, but doubt is created as to whether any particular medium is the solution. 

Premised on the subversive Cuzco School paintings of 17th- and 18th-century colonial Latin America, Ocampo’s provocative body of work at STPI is supplied with a ghostly backdrop of complex materiality and history, onto which he layers his own.

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