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Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan: Of Fragments and Impressions


Allegro Print, Singapore, 2017. 107 pp.

Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizans’ collaborative activities evolved within the spheres of family and community, including personal relationships and those they share with other artists. Their works seek to pin down the meaning of ‘home’ and ‘identity’ – both elusive notions prone to reinterpretation and personal subjectivity – through ephemeral constructions. They continue to process these issues through materials and objects that are both abstract and referential, objects that serve as metaphors of everyday human life.

At STPI, the Aquilizans explored the ways in which the impermanence of their past projects could be captured and reimagined in a tangible series of works. In recognition of the multiple sources they drew their artistic inspiration from, and the hands that their works have passed through by way of their interactive installations, they contend with the loose idea of authorship in the contemporary world of art and their personal sense of ownership over their richly diverse yet wholly experiential oeuvre.

Essays by Joselina Cruz and Joyce Toh.

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