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Carving Narratives: Japanese Woodblock Printing Workshop


Learn the art of mokuhanga (Japanese woodblock printing) in our beginner-friendly workshop!

Be inspired by the intricate layers of Helen Frankenthaler’s woodblock prints, as you bring your unique prints to life with fluid shapes and vibrant hues.

No prior experience required – our friendly instructors are on-hand to guide you through the serene beauty of mokuhanga.

Learning Takeaways:

  • Dive into the rich history of mokuhanga, and appreciate its influence on modern art
  • Experiment with layering techniques to create depth and texture in your prints, capturing the essence of Frankenthaler’s dynamic compositions

Step 1: Introduction to Japanese Woodblock Printing

  • Learn about the materials and tools traditionally used in mokuhanga
  • Analyse your prepared image and extract the shapes and colours you want to transfer to your woodblock 

 Step 2: Woodblock Carving Techniques

  • Understand the fundamentals of carving, such as how carving with or against wood grains affect your final print
  • Try your hand at carving your design onto woodblocks

Step 3: Inking and Printing Process

  • Gain an understanding of colour theory, and how to choose harmonious colours for your prints
  • Learn how to apply ink to your woodblocks to achieve even colours on your prints
  • Master the art of registration, to ensure precise alignment and consistent printing results

Recommended for ages 12 and above.

Participants are kindly requested to prepare a 3 layered simple organic shape coloured image for this workshop. 



Let our friendly instructors teach you the basics of print and papermaking techniques, before they closely guide you along your creative experimentations!



Come as you are! We provide all the tools and materials you need to create your very own masterpiece in a safe and fun environment.

what to expect


Take home all of your amazing creations – along with the brand new skills you've learnt.

The perfect memento for friend and family gatherings, or weekend dates!

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