STPI x The Corner Shop

[Sunshine 5/9 | St. James Church Kindergarten Gilstead] Hands-on Workshop: Paper Top Spinner


Make your own spinning paper toy! In this activity inspired by pulsars, participants will make their own paper top spinner to mimic the rapid rotation of cosmic whirligigs using paper stencils and monotype printing.

This visit will be accompanied with a stop at our Creative Workshop. Here, participants will explore our magnificent presses and in-house paper mill, where STPI papermakers experiment with fibres and pulp.

Note to Parents:

This purchase admits one parent and one child. If you would like to bring a friend for the workshop, please contact Subject to availability and space capacity.

STPI is currently undergoing some renovation work. Please meet the Instructor at the main entrance of STPI Gallery to begin your journey. See you soon!

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