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Intaglio Class: Aquatint Etching Print on Plaster


Embark on a creative journey and unlock the potential of intaglio printmaking! In this hands-on workshop, you will learn to transform your sketches into prints, using etched copper plates and plaster surfaces.  


Learning Takeaways: 

  • Plate Preparation: Understand the process of plate preparation and rosin application 
  • Etching Process: Develop etching skills and learn how to achieve tonal values on a copper plate 

Step 1: Introduction & Demonstration  

  • Discover the rich history and traditional techniques of intaglio printmaking 
  • Understand how the qualities of acid-resistant ground used in aquatint etching achieve specific characteristics 

Step 2: Etching of Copper Plate 

  • Learn the art of etching on a copper plate, detailing designs with acid and ground 
  • Explore the application of acid-resistant ground to the copper plate 
  • Achieve a range of tonal values by submerging the plate in an acid bath at timed intervals 

Step 3: Inking & Printing 

  • Watch a live demonstration of the inking and printing process of the etched copper plate 
  • Practice creating prints with your plate on paper, before printing on plaster 

Step 4: Intaglio Plaster Prints 

  • Understand the properties of plaster 
  • Learn the intricate process of transferring the etched image from the copper plate onto plaster surfaces, creating stunning and tactile prints 

No prior experience is necessary! Recommended for ages 12 and above.  

Participants are kindly requested to prepare their own 3-tone image for this workshop. 



Let our friendly instructors teach you the basics of print and papermaking techniques, before they closely guide you along your creative experimentations!



Come as you are! We provide all the tools and materials you need to create your very own masterpiece in a safe and fun environment.

what to expect


Take home all of your amazing creations – along with the brand new skills you've learnt.

The perfect memento for friend and family gatherings, or weekend dates!

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