STPI x The Corner Shop

Jane Lee: Freely, Freely


Allegro Print Pte Ltd, Singapore, 2016, 133 pp

Known for her visually stunning tactile works that challenge the notion of a painting, Singaporean artist Jane Lee often pushes the limits of materials and techniques used, examining painting's processes, significance and relevance in contemporary art practice. At STPI however, Lee moves away from abstraction and formal explorations to discover print and paper, combining unconventional materials to produce dynamic installations that fully immerse the viewer in a sensorial experience.

Working around a narrative for the first time, Lee invites viewers to meander through a fantastical yet familiar world of birds and nature – universal metaphors for freedom. Although she has adopted figuration in her material-oriented practice, this body of work, according to curator June Yap, considers "not only the surface that is familiar of printmaking, but also the corners, how different edges come together and even the paper itself, basically that which constitutes the materiality of print and papermaking."

As she plays with paper's texture and effects, Lee addresses the condition of freedom and entrapment in the daily lives of individuals. Additionally, as writer Tony Godfrey highlights, "light, like birds, is something we associate with freedom, with life, escaping the prison walls. Much of Lee's recent work has been about exploring colour, but this exhibition is more about light than colour – the translucency of the tracing paper she used, the way colours are refracted in the acrylic works… It is an exhibition of play, a dance of the hands, of fingertip agility, of little whirlpools, shapes and light dancing. The result is festive – a shared, communal pleasure in the world."

With essays by Tony Godfrey and June Yap.

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