STPI x The Corner Shop

Kim Beom: Random Life


Allegro Print, Singapore, 2017, 151 pp.

Random Life is an illustrated catalogue of STPI's first-ever solo exhibition in Singapore by widely respected Korean multi-disciplinary artist Kim Beom. A highly sought-after name within the international art community, Kim is fast becoming one of the most important figures of his generation and Korean art.

In a strikingly rare and singular occasion, Kim steps out of his usual solitary working process to create Random Life in collaboration with the STPI team of printers and papermakers. The exhibition confronts viewers with a world of visual riddles and illusions created in the artist’s characteristically comic and subversive style.

For Kim, playful imagery is a tool with which he compels the audience away from taking things at face value, and instead, to being more attentive and critical in observing the world around them.

Includes a short story by Heman Chong, and an interview of the artist by Sunjung Kim.

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