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Little Red Riding Hood: Drypoint with Krystal Lay


This programme is held as part of STPI Open House 2023: Fables.

Immerse in the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood, and turn this childhood tale into a functional work of art!  Join Little Red as she teaches how to upcycle storybook pages into pocket folders. You will be guided through a hands-on drypoint printing process to illustrate your own folder cover, in the way that old fairy tale illustrations were made.

Some sharp tools are involved. Recommended for ages 7 and above or with adult supervision. 

About Krystal Lay

As an illustrator and storyteller, Krystal Lay (b. 2001, Singapore) has a keen interest in exploring the capabilities of children's stories as a gateway for philosophical thoughts. 

Her interests have led her to be the Founder and Director of TLDR (The Living Dream Room), a youth arts collective that uses the Printmaking medium to bring storytelling to a conventional gallery space.

She is currently pursuing a diploma in Fine Arts at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art, and completed an Internship at STPI in 2022.

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