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Print City: A Print Explorer's Guidebook


STPI is pleased to present Print City, an illustrated guide to printmaking and papermaking. In a collection of 10 whimsical art projects, Rolly the Print City Guide leads the way to fantastical destinations: from the Turtle Racing Arena to the Print Zoo and across the Field of Rainbow Houses, Rolly leads us to discover the wondrous craft of printmaking and create a treasure trove of art pieces along the way.

Recommended for families and children ages 7 – 10. 


Print City is created in collaboration with Singaporean artist and illustrator Shanlyn Chew. Shanlyn went from disliking to breathing art, finding in it the best platform where she can channel her inner random and quirky thoughts. Plants, people, mushrooms and cats are her frequent drawn subjects, as well as humanizing objects into imaginaries beings.

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