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Reduction Screenprinting Class


Delve into the world of reduction screenprinting with us! Explore layers of colours and painterly textures, creating depth and complexity within your print. 

Be inspired by Lee Bul’s STPI works and top off your masterpiece with a layer of foiling, adding a reflective sheen.

In this workshop, you will be screenprinting on wood, ensuring the longevity of your prints. You will be able to take home 3-5 prints at the end of the session. 

Learning Takeaways 

  • Master the technical aspects of screen preparation
  • Understand how the mesh count of the screen affects the final image
  • Develop hands-on skills, such as applying screen filler, registering the screen for printing, and pulling prints

Step 1: What is Screenprinting?

  • An introduction to the different types of screenprinting, with this workshop focussing on reduction screenprinting
  • An introduction to the various tools and materials used in reduction screenprinting
  • A live demonstration by our in-house instructor

Step 2: Dissecting Images

  • Create your very own design!
  • Break down your design into different layers and colours for printing

Step 3: The Art of Screen Filler

  • Explore the unique properties of screen filler, and experiment with brush techniques to block out your design

Step 4: First Pull

  • Gain an understanding of ink viscosity, and how it affects your printing technique
  • Watch your design begin to form, as you layer various shapes and colours

Step 5: The Magic of Reduction

  • Understand and apply the concepts of layering and reduction screenprinting
  • Learn how to accurately register your prints through the multiple layers of screenprinting
  • Delight in the evolution of your masterpiece with each additional layer
  • Utilise foils in your final layer to add a pop of sheen to your prints



Let our friendly instructors teach you the basics of print and papermaking techniques, before they closely guide you along your creative experimentations!



Come as you are! We provide all the tools and materials you need to create your very own masterpiece in a safe and fun environment.

what to expect


Take home all of your amazing creations – along with the brand new skills you've learnt.

The perfect memento for friend and family gatherings, or weekend dates!

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