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Ryan Gander: Portrait of a Blind Artist Obscured by Flowers


Singapore, 2015. 78 pp.

Composed around visual charades and unusually assembled objects, works by London-based conceptual artist Ryan Gander are catalysts for thinking, challenging established notions and viewer perceptions. Strung together by associative thought processes that juxtapose the commonly overlooked with the esoteric, Gander’s work solicits viewer participation, questioning language and knowledge, and reinventing modes of creating and presenting an artwork, with a tinge of humour.

Portrait of a blind artist obscured by flowers presents Gander’s latest project in the terrain of print and papermaking – previously unchartered by the multidisciplinary artist. This three-week exposure stirred him towards developing a body of work that tells the story of print by examining its processes and history.

Essays by Adam Carr and Stephanie Peh.

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