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Shirazeh Houshiary: The River is Within Us


Allegro Print, Singapore, 2016, 59 pp.

Having worked across various media like painting, sculpture, drawing, video animation, and public art since the early ‘80s, Shirazeh Houshiary’s oeuvre engages us in a phenomenological understanding of space, while evincing a labour-intensive process in the making of her art. Encompassing notions of presence and absence, these non-representational works often teeter on the edge of perception, playing with organic and architectural forms and motifs. Ever attuned to the vicissitudes and lessons of art history and the inspiration offered by classical texts and poetry, Houshiary’s references pay tribute to a creative sensibility that has slowly internalised the outside world. Here time, space, light and breath are fully embodied in everything this artist pursues and offers up as an experience.

Includes essay by Sue Hubbard and photographs of artworks.

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