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Srihadi Soedarsono: Tracing Horizons


Universal Design Pte Ltd, Singapore, 2005, 52 pp.


His paintings fetch hundreds of millions of rupiah, and while collectors around the world are clamouring to acquire his work, this quiet and gentle artist, unperturbed by the frenzy, focuses on his quest for spirituality and its expression through his paintings and now, through his prints.

Srihadi Soedarsono, one of Southeast Asia’s most highly
 regarded master painters, is known for his 
expressionistic interpretations of vast landscapes 
and glorious horizons. This exhibition, Tracing Horizons, features a brand new body of work, based on Soedarsono’s studied observations of the monumental Borobudur and the horizons on Java. “The works present new grounds with which to re-acquaint and re-look at Srihadi’s practice,” says the exhibition curator Joanna Lee.
The collaboration for both STPI and the artist was an exhilarating experience. As Soedarsono himself commented – “I gained value, spiritually, by this experience and I believe this also added a new colour to my art.”

Includes an essay by Joanna Lee and interviews with the artist, Eitaro Ogawa and Richard Hungerford.

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