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Steampunk Linocut Workshop by Sabrina Neo

Master fundamental linocut techniques and carve your very own steampunk-inspired stamps in this hands-on workshop!

You will be guided through simple linocut carving techniques, exploring positive and negative space to achieve a well-balanced image. Use embossing to add texture to your prints, and understand how you can apply pressure to attain a variety of effects with the same object. 

At the end of the workshop, you will bring home your very own linocut stamp and print.

Recommended for ages 13 and above. Parental guidance recommended for younger audiences. 

Artist Bio
Sabrina Neo Jing Yi, currently a third-year student majoring in printmaking at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, brings a passion for diverse printmaking methods to her artistic practice. Drawing from her internship experience at STPI, Sabrina finds solace and meditative focus in the intricate processes of printmaking. With each piece, she invites viewers into a world where tradition meets innovation, showcasing her evolving relationship with the medium.

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