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STPI x Ethos Books | Poetry in Print


Experiment with print and verse! Create a monoprint of abstracted landscapes from a gelli plate, and type delicate verses into your print. In this special edition, we’re teaming up with local indie publisher Ethos Books to explore the startlingly original and experimental verses from the Windham-Campbell Prize-winning poet Wong May.

Receive a copy of her debut poetry collection A Bad Girl’s Book of Animals when you sign up for this workshop! 

What is most impressive about Wong May’s poems is her mastery of the implicit, her marvelously effective elliptical style that nevertheless strikes sharp blows of beauty and clarity.
— Harcourt, Brace & World  

My poems are about wordlessness rather than words. I feel that we must recognize our ultimate wordlessness. 
— Wong May

Read more about A Bad Girl’s Book of Animals here.

Recommended for ages 7 and above.

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