STPI x The Corner Shop

Suzann Victor: New Works by Suzann Victor


Allegro Print Pte Ltd., Singapore, 2015. 

“Primarily concerned with rich visual experience, her artistic practice has spanned abstract expressionist painting to performance, and in recent years, highly engineered kinetic chandelier series and installations that incorporate site-specificity, light and the particularities of materiality. With an innate sensibility and deep awareness of the distinctive qualities of stuff, the fluidity of form and the tangibility of colour, Victor has produced a breadth of intellectually informed works that are also at once strikingly beautiful and full of nuanced presence.” Susie Lingham

Her residency at STPI evolved into a unique spectrum of over 60 carefully considered works that challenged even as it exceeded the boundaries of print and paper. Delicate and honest, they spell multiple ‘firsts’ for the artist as well as STPI, and are rare additions to her oeuvre. Victor was able to bring innovative approaches to classical techniques of printmaking, producing works that exude a non-“precision-based” aesthetic within an art form that requires planning, exactitude and meticulous preparation.

“Taking those conventions apart, Victor reconstitutes them anew. In this sense, the title of Victor’s exhibition Imprint is most apt, as a creative and reciprocal process of imprinting takes place between the painterly practice of the artist and the discipline of printmaking, each making their mutually-conditioned mark felt in the body of work.” Susie Lingham

Features a conversation between Suzann Victor and T. K. Sabapathy, and essay by Susie Lingham.

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