STPI x The Corner Shop

Tabaimo: emerge as


Veritas Branding & Marketing Pte Ltd, Singapore, 2010, 77 pp.

Video artist Tabaimo gained widespread acclaim for her immersive hand-drawn video installations that explore undercurrents of the orderly, mundane veneer of contemporary Japanese society. Characterised by an unusual mix of surreal beauty, her drawing style recalls the spirited lines of Hokusai and Hieronymus Bosch.

At STPI, she expounded on its print and papermaking capabilities, building layers upon layers of still images that convey movement and depth, defying two-dimensionality. Tabaimo created a new wallpaper series using textured paper evocative of skin, insect bodies and lacerated wallpaper – an extension of her earlier work titled dolefullhouse, screened at the 52nd Venice Biennale.

Includes an interview with Tabaimo by Eitaro Ogawa.

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