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Teresita Fernández: Nightwriting


Veritas Branding & Marketing Pte Ltd, Singapore, 2010, 77 pp. Hardback cover.

New York-based artist, Teresita Fernández’s new works, created in collaboration with STPI workshop, evoke the dramatic experience of looking at the night sky for information. Each unique pulp work is perforated with Braille-like patterns that recall constellations. The title of the series, ― Night Writing ‖ is a reference to “Ecriture Nocturne”, a secret code written in the early 19th century so that Napoleon’s soldiers could communicate at night, silently and without light.

Universally, human beings have always looked up for information. Like a vast billboard, the night sky has always been ―read and scanned for revelation, direction and guidance.

“The stars have always served as marks that ground us to a physical location and time; they offer a sensual orientation within the universe.” – Teresita Fernández

Includes text by Teresita Fernández.

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