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Trenton Doyle Hancock: A Day Ahead A Head A Day


Veritas Branding & Marketing Pte Ltd, Singapore, 2010, 41 pp.

Enter Trenton Doyle Hancock’s mythological world, a visual labyrinth packed with biomorphic forms of bones, emancipated bodies and sexual orifices oozing pink goo. Hancock’s self-invented epic combines the poetic ferocity of William Blake and the apocalyptic vision of Hieronymus Bosch to create characters of his ongoing visual battle between the forces of good represented by “Mounds” in their colour filled world, and the evil skeletal “Vegans” who live underground in a world of black and white. Each new work by Hancock is a part of a large narrative that presents the lives of these creatures from birth to eventual death.

Invigorated by the grittiest residue of cultures, Hancock drew inspiration from his first foray into Asia during the residency at STPI. Trenton says, “Haw Par Villa is perhaps one of the strangest destinations on Earth – it is at once a place of teaching, therapy, and deposited demons and most of all it represents the extremes one will go to tell a story no matter how absurd.”

With an essay by Dorothy Spears and photographs of the artworks.

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