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Zhan Wang: My Personal Universe


China, 2011, 273 pp.

Zhan Wang was born in 1962 in Beijing, China and graduated with a Master of Fine Arts (Sculpture) from The Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing. His practice consists of sculpture, installation, actions, photography and video. Firmly rooted in Chinese traditions and culture, he attempts to form an individual interpretation from his perspective of Chinese culture through the transposition of historical, traditional, spiritual and natural effects.

This book is a record of the process, from conception, and ultimately, to exhibition, by which Zhan Wang created his largest installation piece, My Personal Universe at Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) in 2011.

Includes a mix of essays in Chinese and English by individuals such as Yves Carcelle, Jérôme Sans and Zhan Wang himself.

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